Steps to Setting Up Your Estate Plan

Step 1. Contact Oregon Legal Center

Contact us via email or by calling us at (503) 635-6234 to set up an appointment with one of our attorneys.

Step 2. Information Gathering About  Your Assets

When contacted by an attorney, you will be offered the choice of providing information: (1) online: (2) by telephone conference, or (3) by an in-person interview with the attorney.

Estate planning involves planning the transfer of your assets when you pass away. For the attorney to properly advise you they must know what assets you own.

If the client chooses not to provide asset information online, a telephone conference with the attorney will be scheduled to go over asset information.

Recieve a $500 discount by submitting your information on line.

Step 3. Telephone Conference To Review Your Information

After you have  completed Step 1 and Step 2, Oregon Legal Center will email you with suggested dates and times for a phone conference.

During the phone conference the attorney will answer your questions and recommend the best estate planning strategy for your family. Two follow up meetings will be scheduled: A Document Review conference and a Signing Conference.

Step 4. Document Review Conference

Conducted in person or via Zoom.

You and the Attorney will review your proposed estate plan. The attorney will explain how it functions. The conference takes about two hours. After the review conference you will be provided with an electronic copy of your unsigned binder in PDF form for further review prior to the signing.

Step 5. Office Conference to Sign Plan Documents.

Sign your Plan Documents at OLC’s office in West Linn.

You pay for your plan when you sign the Plan Documents. Only when you are satisfied that the Estate Plan meets your needs, do you pay for your Plan by check or credit card.